Capture systems for 3D scanning applications are meant to automate and speed up the capturing process. In Rigsters, we are striving to achieve fully automated (and smart!) solutions on a budget.

And what could be more exciting to transfer into a digital environment than ourselves?

Unfortunately, people might be just the most challenging target to scan. Constant flashing lights, twitching muscles or itchy nose can easily ruin your digital clone. Large studios are sometimes utilizing more than a hundred digital cameras to make it possible. How do you achieve it without breaking a bank?

“Get creative!”, was our first thought…

Meet the Helicopter V1, AKA The Teleporter

Plenty of things has been scanned using this system, which has proven itself to be reliable and prompt. But not just there yet… Long setup times, variation in camera equipment etc. made us reach for more.

Just imagine a human-like operator who knows exactly how and where to capture the object and has extremely sturdy hands and knows a thing or two about the needed lighting scenario. So we decided to build it.