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Turntable specifications

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Turntable Dimensions

Length – 120cm

Width – 54cm

Height – 20cm

Weight: approx 18 kg

Load capacity: max. 80 kg. The weight of an item should be evenly distributed and placed in the centre of the turntable.

Travel distance side-to-side – 72cm


Turntable Height

The Turntable system consists of various tiers with heights specified as follows:

  • Base Turntable Height: 0cm (world space defined by Arago Control software).
  • Extension Sections: Each extension section comprises 4 rods and a round plate, resulting in a height of 30cm per section.
  • Combined Extension Sections: When both extension sections are combined, the total height reaches 60cm.

Turntable Diameter

The Turntable system features different diameters at its various tiers:

  • Base Turntable Plate: The base turntable plate has a diameter of 50cm.
  • Height Extension Turntable Plates: The height extension turntable plates have a diameter of 20cm.

Turntable Speed

The speed of rotation and side-to-side movement of the turntable can be regulated in the Arago Contol software.

  • Max. rotation speed – 2.3 rpm (1 full rotation in 26 seconds)
  • Min. rotation speed – 0.23 rpm (1 full rotation in 260 seconds)
  • Max. side-to-side movement speed – 0.048 m/s
  • Min. side-to-side movement speed – 0.005 m/s
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