New ways to explore culture

You often meet cultural artefacts in public spaces for which interaction is mostly limited to your viewing pleasure. With photogrammetry we are able to extend the amount of options for interacting with the art and repurpose it. We can digitize it for virtual reality, we can place it inside games or we can reproduce it with 3D-printers.


At the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) a seven meters tall blue totem like sculpture made by the danish artist Leif Sylvester fills the atrium. As part of an educational project, we made a full scan of the sculpture to illustrate the reconfiguration potential photogrammetry offers when working with large complex structures. The sculpture was then scaled down and 3D-printed.

Rigsters kea-sculpture-3dscan

Rigsters kea-3d-scan-wall-matcap

3D Scan Data

Capture hours
Photos taken
RAW polycount
Post-Processing hours

Capture Timelapse


Scanning glossy, painted metal in a constantly changing lighting conditions isn’t the easiest process. While cross-polarization and off-camera flashes made the process easier for distant shots, necessary close-up places required more coverage and different lighting. Timelapse of a part of a post-processing workflow can be watched below:


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