The Gefion Fountain

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The fountain depicts the mythical story of the creation of the island of Zealand on which Copenhagen is located. The legend appears in Ragnarsdrápa, a 9th-century Skaldic poem recorded in the 13th century Prose Edda, and in Ynglinga saga as recorded in Snorri Sturluson’s 13th-century Heimskringla.


According to Ynglinga saga, the Swedish king Gylfi promised Gefjun the territory she could plow in a night. She turned her four sons into oxen, and the territory they plowed out of the earth was then thrown into the Danish sea between Scania and the island of Fyn.


The Gefion Fountain (Danish: Gefionspringvandet) is a large fountain on the harbor front in Copenhagen, Denmark. It features a large-scale group of animal figures being driven by the Norse goddess Gefjon.


The fountain was donated to the city of Copenhagen by the Carlsberg Foundation on the occasion of the brewery’s 50-year anniversary. It was originally supposed to be located in the main town square outside city hall, but it was decided instead to build it near the Øresund in its current location near Kastellet (“The Citadel”).


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3D Scanning

The Gefion Fountain project was a part of our non-commercial activities that we enjoy once on the break from client work. The main driving force of this projects is preservation and sharing. On top of that, we are making the best out of our time to test new scanning methods and tools.


Due to the large size of the fountain (45 meters in length) and capture time limitations, the fountain was scanned by a team of 5 people. Freezing weather and hard wind made us move faster and in about 3 hours we have managed to capture over 5000 images. The shots above the main sculpture were especially challenging due to its size and constantly shaking camera pole.


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