Hammerhus Human Skull

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The 3D scanned model was used by 10Tons to robot mill negative styrofoam molds to be used for creating the base of the sculpture from laminated acrylic gypsum. Later the surface details were sculpted by hand and a paint job was added to resemble the original as close as possible.






Rigsters hammerhus-skull-terasse

At the grand opening of the visitor center at Hammershus, Bornholm, Denmark guests were greeted by a 2.5 m replica of a human skull. And we are proud to say that Rigsters have contributed to the making of this incredible sculpture.


Back in Autumn 2017, when our studio has just opened its doors for business, we were approached by 10Tons, company specializing in model making and paleontological reconstructions with a project that would involve making a 3D scan of a human skull, to be used for creating a large size replica. And of course, we jumped right on it.




Rigsters hammerhus-skull-1-1

The finished sculpture now stands at the entrance of the visitor center overlooking the ruins of the Hammershus castle Scandinavia’s largest medieval fortification, where the original skull was found during excavation works. The visitor center itself serves as a large covered terrace with a connecting room from which you can see Hammershus from a whole new perspective. At the same time, a footbridge has been established, which leads from the visitor center and to the castle ruins.

3D Scan Data

Size of Focus Stack
Photos taken
Capturing Hours
Post Processing hours

3D Scanning

The skull was scanned using macro photogrammetry. Unfortunately, at the time of capture, our automated system had ‘technical problems’ and scanning had to be done by hand. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from achieving incredible results.


Material properties of the skull along with a good polarized lighting setup helped to achieve clean results.

Focus Stacking has been done with help of Helicon Focus and 3D reconstruction with Reality Capture.


An approximate precision of a 3D scan is 0,01mm.

Rigsters hammerhus-skull-3d-scan-orange





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