Immersive 3D webshopping

Collaborating with Roccamore is an exciting chance to test the e-commercial potential for 3D product presentation. Roccamore is an amazing women’s shoe brand, that has created an innovative and scientifically tested insole for high heels that relieve the pressure from the forefoot, as well as foot’s arch while walking. The shape of the shoe is therefore quite relevant for the webshop visitors to gain a feel for when shopping online. A digital 3D-models of shoes and an insole for the webshop appeared to be the perfect addition to customer’s shopping experience.


The pilot project consisted of 3D scanning 7 shoe models and an insole. Some of the high heel textures were color-corrected to match the color palette of particular model’s lineup. Since 70% of webshop’s visitors are using mobile devices, 3D models had to be well optimized to be lightweight enough to run on most of the smartphones.

Rigsters roccamore-shoe-list

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