3D Scanning Environments

Rigsters station-pointcloud

During the period of two full days, out team has scanned an entire train station in Copenhagen (Sjaelor station).


This project was conducted in collaboration with a group of students from a Lighting Design course at Aalborg University of Copenhagen. The 3D reconstructed station was used for digitally designing and simulating new light installations for the street under the station.


A large area of the station was re-created in Unity game engine and optimized for viewing in VR.

3D Scan Data

Capture hours
Photos taken
Million Points
Post-Processing hours


From what we have learned, precision-scanning large environments can be very time-consuming and troublesome.


There are several challenges that we have faced:
Continuously changing lightning conditions along with occasional rain. Evenly texturing the 3D model from the resulted dataset became more challenging, but not impossible.


The street underneath the station was heavily populated during the day, along with a constant traffic on the driveway. While constantly moving people were automatically removed from 3D reconstruction, constantly being alert and avoiding being hit by a bus was a challenge.


The final dataset of about 5000 images had to be processed by parts (walls, columns, ground, and the bridge), textured, and assembled later in the process.

Rigsters sjaelor-station-3d-scan3



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