It has been a while since the previous blog entry. And a lot of thing happened during this time. So now seems to be a good time for an update on what’s going on at Rigsters.

First thing – we now have a studio!

As cosy as it was in our 2x10m, what appeared to have previously been a storage room, base of operations at the campus of Aalborg University (in Copenhagen), the risk of tripping over something and breaking a pricy piece of equipment or a leg, became too great. Therefore, we decided to relocate!

Rigsters IMG_20170514_125702-e1505742770582-1024x763   .

Rigsters 5294506_2017-06-17-23_14_32-1024x768   .

So now we are the proud tenants of a 100m2 basement in the very center of the city, across the street from the Tivoli Gardens and right beside the New Carlsberg Glyptotek. It took some time and effort to get the place settled and have everything up and running, but nothing that watching a few home repair videos couldn’t fix. So after the paint dried, the gear got set up, and the housewarming hangover faded, Rigsters 3D Scanning Studio was officially open for business.

Having some more space to move around allowed to set up fine tune our Scanning Rig (see “3D capturing system”), with some satisfying results:

Over the summer we had a number of awesome collaborations with very talented people, working with filmmakers, artists and AI scientists to help them realize their ‘crazy’ ideas and in turn, realizing ours. But more on that in next blog post…

Rigsters rigsters_3d_scanning-1024x684

Edvard Falcks Gade 1, 1569 København V.

Drop by and say hello. Visitors are always welcome!