We have recently finalized one of our projects, which involved 3D scanning a 7 meters tall sculpture and later 3D printing it in miniature.

Scanning glossy, painted metal in a constantly changing lighting conditions isn’t the easiest process. While cross-polarization and off-camera flashes made the process easier for distant shots, necessary close-up places required more coverage and different lighting.

Dataset resulting in about 2500 images was color corrected, processed to even out the light, exposure, shadows, etc.
Reality Capture was used for reconstruction and texturing and ZBrush for cleaning, re-topo, and optimization for 3D printing.

Later on, the sculpture was 3D printed in full color on a powder-based printer. Colors didn’t exactly match up and the end result is brighter from the original, however, we are very pleased with the overall quality and the precision of the print.

Web preview of these scans can be found on our Sketchfab: