3D Scanning

We offer a wide range of 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry services.
Our solutions are flexible for dealing with non-standard object materials, sizes, and shapes.


Photogrammetric scanning is the primary choise for most of our projects. In its essence, it uses pixels of digital images to reconstruct objects in 3D. Latest developments in Computer Vision allowed this technology to reach extreme geometrical detail, while maintaining photorealistic high-resolution color information. When needed, we make use of laser or structured-light scanning methods and their combinations with Photogrammetry for achieving best results.

skull 3dscan rigsters 2

While there is no limit for a large-scale outdoor-capture, Macro-photogrammetry allows us capturing <3cm large objects.


Rigster’s capturing system is able to reproduce objects in 3D with up to 0.01mm resolution. 


We use professional photography and lighting equipment to capture high-quality textures.


Our pre-processing and data-capturing techniques can deal with most challenging object physical characteristics.

Studio in Copenhagen

Most of our 3D scanning work takes place in our Studio in Copenhagen , where all the necessary equipment is situated. Controlled lighting and object setup environment are essential for making the most out of 3D scanning. When it comes to a rapid production of large quantities of models, this is the place to be.  


Our portable photogrammetry system Arago makes it possible to provide guerilla-like 3D scanning services all over the globe. It is used to rough and remote locations and our specilised team would be there to assist it. 

Standard Timeline


Getting in touch to find out the needs of your project


Choosing the best technology and workflow


3D Scanning and Post-Processing your objects


Delivery of the material in specified formats