3D Scanning provides the necessary tools for acomplishing our project goals and is often just a starting point of creative process. Our creative team is here to help bringing your vision to live.

3D Online Viewer

Displaying your 3D models online enables your audience to interact with your product in unique and intuitive ways. It is a great way to visualise your content or tell a story. You can share and embed 3D models anywhere online. We work with industry-leading 3D viewers that are supported by most of modern devices and are easy to display,  just like sharing a video.

Photorealistic Rendering

Detailed geometry and high-quality textures make a perfect combination for great renders. Custom lighting and environment setup are essential for telling the right story or emphasising certain elements in the right way. We offer several kinds of photorealistic renderings, including 2D imagery, fly-by animations or walk-throughs. 

Interactive Media

With the rise of VR, AR, motion-sensing technology and others, the way we interact with the digital world has changed. Photogrammetry is also on the rise to accompany these new technologies and provide high-quality content. With years of experience in game development, user-interaction, and real-time graphics, our team offers expertise in 3D implementation and digital experience development. 

interactive media rigsters