Giant Carrot

3D scan of a carrot done for a public project at Herlev Hospital in collaboration with SUPERFLEX 


Carrot was scanned using marco-photogrammetry to extract as much detail as possible to be preserved on a large-scale manufacturing. It was scaled 10.000to1 and sliced in pieces to create a tunnel where people can pass.

The sculpture of a carrot, along with other sculptures of vegetables and fruits, became a meeting point between old myths and the everyday medicine at the hospital, while acknowledging also the benefits of the plants for our health and its use in modern science for the development of medicines and treatments.

In order to produce the large scale sculptures, SUPERFLEX has employed an unusual technique, combining artistic variations of 3D scanning with medical methods, such as MRI. Just as patients being scanned at the hospital, the bodies of the vegetables and plants have been examined thoroughly before deciding on a specific treatment.