3D Scanning

We offer a wide range of 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry services. Our solutions are flexible for dealing with non-standard object materials, sizes, and shapes.


Photogrammetric scanning is the primary choise for most of our projects. In its essence, it uses pixels of digital images to reconstruct objects in 3D. Latest developments in Computer Vision allowed this technology to reach extreme geometrical detail, while maintaining photorealistic high-resolution color information. When needed, we make use of laser or structured-light scanning methods and their combinations with Photogrammetry for achieving best results.


While there is no limit for a large-scale outdoor-capture, Macro-photogrammetry allows us capturing <3cm large objects.


Rigster’s capturing system is able to reproduce objects in 3D with up to 0.01mm resolution and accuracy.


We use professional photography and lighting equipment to capture high-quality textures.


Our pre-processing and data-capturing techniques can deal with most challenging object physical characteristics.

Studio in Copenhagen

Most of our 3D scanning work takes place in our Studio in Copenhagen , where all the necessary equipment is situated. Controlled lighting and object setup environment are essential for making the most out of 3D scanning. When it comes to a rapid production of large quantities of models, this is the place to be.


Our portable photogrammetry system Arago makes it possible to provide guerilla-like 3D scanning services all over the globe. It is used to rough and remote locations and our skilled team would be there to assist it.

Standard Project Timeline


Getting in touch to find out the needs of your project


Choosing the best technology and workflow


3D Scanning and Post-Processing your objects


Delivery of the material in specified formats

Post Optimisation


Preparation of 3D scan data for manufacturing generally includes mesh clean up and improvement of the surface quality. In addition, we assist in optimizing your design with aesthetic or functional features, perforations, cuts, or patterns.

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Featureless, shiny, transparent, or easily-deformable materials can be challenging to 3D scan without generating noise and artifacts in geometry. Often it is necessary to perform a surface cleanup and bring the initial detail back.

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Raw 3D scanned meshes can reach up to billions of polygons and gigabytes of data in size. While it provides a great amount of information, it is hardly usable in any medium. We are able to decimate original models to reach desired performance and maintain the core geometrical precision. Moreover, we offer an animation-ready retopology.

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Photogrammetric capture in combination with professional digital camera equipment allows generating extreme resolution and quality textures. Apart from base color, we offer a full range of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texture maps. They are ideal for rendering your objects in a dynamic environment and maintaining realistic and natural look.

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Get professional advice on how to implement 3D technology into your project, or to improve the daily operations in your organisation. We can help you choose the right tools and suggest best practices for using them. Whether you have a specific problem that you are aiming to solve or would like to learn about the opportunities that 3D can offer we would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


We offer hands-on training in 3D scanning and 3D model post-processing. Learn all you need to know to get started with using scanning or improve your existing skill set with the advice and guidance from our professional team.

Large-scale Digitisation

By using our photogrammetry system Arago and a proprietary software, we are able to offer mass digitisation services. Our system is well suited for scanning hundreds of objects in half the time when compared to conventional photogrammetry methods. This makes it a perfect solution for large scale projects that can for example involve producing entire catalogs of digital products or creating virtual exhibition of museum collections. Increased efficiency achieved through automation of the scanning process allows us to better optimise the involved production cost per scanned object depending on the size of the collection. The system is portable, making it possible to conduct services on location. It is suitable for objects up to a square meter in size.

Custom Solutions

Choosing the right technology and tailoring your equipment setup for your 3D scanning needs can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Rigsters technical team specialises in scanning process automation and can help you optimise your processes for increased efficiency and precision compared to traditional practices. Working with varying degree of scale and complexity we can offer anything from simple multi-camera setups to fully automated scanning rigs and full-body scanning stations.

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