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Located in Copenhagen

3D Scanning, Photogrammetry

3D Scanning

Automating Photogrammetry

Efficient, large-scale production
and optimization of 3D scanned objects.



3D Scanning / Photogrammetry Case

Trold, der vejrer kristenblod, a sculpture made by Niels Hansen Jacobsen.
3D scanned using photogrammetry in the garden of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

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Clean High-precision Geometry

Our scanning procedures allow extracting up to 0.1mm details.

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High Resolution Textures

Professional camera equipment along with color correction and de-lightning techniques.

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Real-time, Animation-ready Optimization

Our working pipelines include optimization for a lightweight PBR web-preview, games, and VR.

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About Us

We are Rigsters. Our mission is to make 3D scanning technology accessible for businesses and private users. The Rigsters team consist of interdisciplinary experts with broad skillsets, which includes Photography, Lighting, Web and Game Development, Architecture and Design.

We believe that access to high-quality digital models can revolutionise the work of businesses across different fields and disciplinary boundaries. Ranging from design and production to e-commerce, entertainment, education, and art. Our innovative scanning techniques and professional equipment allow our scans to reach extreme geometrical precision and photorealistic textures.

Collaboration is key! We practice a user centered approach to the things we do and work together with our clients to develop optimal solutions to their scanning needs. Whether it is 3D printing, manufacturing, VR/AR applications or advertising, or you just have a ‘crazy’ idea that involves digital models, visit us at our studio and let’s have a talk.

Rigsters checkxxs  Experienced in building capturing systems
Rigsters checkxxs  Development of game-ready assets
Rigsters checkxxs  Reliable and fast processing procedures
Rigsters checkxxs  Reverse engineering
Rigsters checkxxs  Web publishing
Rigsters checkxxs  VR and AR applications and optimization
Rigsters checkxxs  Unique delighting techniques

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Iulian Drug

Work to be lazy

MSc Lighting Designer

Rigsters pavels

Pavel Saulins

Tech + Art = <3

MSc Game Developer

Rigsters cristian_bercu

Cristian Bercu

Mastermind of 1s & 0s

MSc Game Developer

Rigsters aleksandr_jakovlev-1

Aleksandr Jakovlev

The Batman

MSc Techno-Anthropologist


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Iulian +45 20 93 93 06
Pavel +45  50 37 06 61
Aleksandr +45  21 74 67 71

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