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Compliant Use

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The use of this device is reserved only for users who have received introductory training by personnel of Rigsters ApS. The device must be operated only via the software interface provided by Rigsters ApS. The device must be operated in the appropriate environment with no obstruction to the movement of the device.

Users should:

  • Only use a non-defective product.
  • Set up the device according to the instructions described in this document.
  • Protect others from possible misuse or associated danger.
  • Always perform the safety checks before each use of the product.
  • Protect the device from water, rainfall, dust, or chemicals.
  • Provide appropriate working conditions for the product.
  • Avoid hardware reparation attempts in case of functionality failure. Only Rigsters ApS technicians are authorized to repair the product. Any unauthorized hardware modifications, fixes or adjustments will result in immediate warranty cancellation.
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