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Interface overview

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The interface of the Arago Control software consists of multiple panels, each responsible for specific tasks/steps in your workflow.

arago control loops inspector 3d


Startup Panel

arago control recent projects panel

The first panel available within the software is the Startup panel, which provides the following functionality:

  • Projects tab providing access to recently saved projects
  • Learn tab containing links to learning resources
  • Release notes tab outlines new features and fixes of software versions
  • New project creation panel
arago control startup panel


Main Workspace

arago control main ui outlined 1

After creating/opening an Arago project and establishing connection to the system, the following panels become available:

  1. Top toolbar menu
  2. Project path
  3. Console line describing current task status
  4. Scanning workflow tabular menu
  5. 3D workspace adjustment toolbar
  6. 3D navigation workspace
  7. Settings, LED status, and Connect to Arago panel
  8. The scanning workflow container panel
  9. Inspector Panel
  10. Arago motion panel
  11. Virtual camera live view
  12. Position status summary
  13. Distance to object
  14. Capture time estimation and the total amount of positions
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