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Removal from the transportation case

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Please follow these steps to remove Arago from the transportation case:

1. Make sure the case is placed on an even and sturdy surface.

2. Make sure that all 6 wheel brakes are locked.

3. Unlock 6 case latches

located on the sides of the case by rotating them counterclockwise.

arago latch opening

4. Lift the top lid

of the transportation case by the handles located on the front and the back sides of the case. It is important that the lid is lifted straight upwards and not at an angle. Don’t use force while opening the case. Place the lid on the ground.

arago 2person handling

5. Remove Arago from the case.

Lifting the Arago unit out of the case must be performed by two authorised persons. The unit must be lifted from the box only by the designated handles on either end of the system as illustrated.
Due to the weight of the unit, it is necessary for operators to keep their back straight and perform lifting simultaneously.
As soon as the unit is lifted above the base of the case, step to the side and place the unit on the ground next to the case. Make sure there are no obstructions on the ground surface before placing the unit down.

arago lift handle 1
arago lift handle 2

arago lifting 2

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