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Turn-table extension

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This section describes the necessary steps for mounting a turn-table extension module.


1. Screw on rods

Screw on 4 extension rods (30cm) to the base turntable plate. Don’t over-tighten the rods.

arago R extension


2. Mount plate

Place one of the base plates on top of the rods and align the plate holes with the tip of the rods. At this point, in case the height is sufficient, the plate can be mounted to rods with provided bolts.

arago R extension 2


3. Additional extension

In case an additional extension is required, instead of using bolts from the previous step, secure the plate in place with 4 additional rods. It is required to have a plate between the sets of rods for additional stability.

arago R extension 3


4. Mount top plate

Mount one of the top base plates and secure it with bolts. Check the modules for overall stability and re-tighten components if needed.

arago R extension 4
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