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Mounting Camera

Arago comes with a single camera mounting bracket and 2 mounting plates for equipment such as additional cameras or lights. The size of the equipment must permit free motion of the Tilt and Y elements and not located beyond the horizontal and vertical bounds of the Tilt element.

The total weight of the equipment mounted on the tilt-head of Arago should not exceed 10 KG or 22 Pounds. More weight can lead to damaging the product and create hazardous motion.

1. Mount Bracket

Mount the provided bracket onto the bottom camera using the mount thread. Make sure to insert the SD card and battery (or battery adapter) prior to mounting the bracket.

arago camera bracket

2. Mount Camera

Attach the camera to the base plate and secure the bracket by turning the large knob clockwise. Ensure the bracket is completely inserted into the base plate and positioned correctly. Assess the stability of the setup before letting go of the camera.

arago cable connection 2

3. Orient Camera

Make sure the camera is pointing straight forward. Use the small knob of the base plate to allow camera panning. Release the knob by rotating it counter-clockwise and when forward orientation is achieved, tighten it by rotating clockwise.

arago camera bracket 3

4. Connect Cables

Connect the USB and Trigger cables between the camera and the port panel behind the Tilt head element. The order or placement of ports doesn’t matter. The trigger jack cable is necessary for triggering the camera while the usb cable is essential for Camera Tethering Support

arago cable connection 3

5. Position Camera

Position the camera roughly in the center of the Tilt (T) head rail by releasing the knob in the back of the plate and sliding it. The accurate position of the camera in space will be calculated during the Camera Calibration and Posing step in Arago Control.

arago camera bracket 4

Multiple Cameras


Arago can carry and connect to up to 3 cameras simultaneously. To install aditional cameras, the same five steps presented in this article should be followed.

When tethering to more cameras, you will need to specify in the Camera Tethering Support panel which camera acts as your primary camera. Read more about the Multi-Cam Support in Arago Control.

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