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Mounting powered accessories

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In this example, we use an external power adapter for a DSLR camera as an accessory.


1. Connect cable

Connect the cable to the power extender located at the base of the Y-axis. Make sure that the connected device matches the specifications of the power extender (110-240 V AC & MAX 2000W).

arago external connection


2. Open chain

Open the cable chain above the power extender by unclicking the joints of the chain. This is easiest to achieve by using a small screwdriver.

arago external connection 2


3. Pass cable through

Pass the cable through the cable chain and lock the joints by clicking them back in.

arago external connection 3


4. Use the tray

Optionally, place the excess cable, power adapter or alike into the tray at the exit of the cable chain.

arago external connection 4


5. Pass cable to tilt

Pass the cable through a top back cutout of the Til head and pull it forward through a round cutout in front as illustrated. Secure the cable in place with velcro strips.

arago external connection 5
arago external connection 6
arago external connection 7
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